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Summary Brief Number 7 What Have We Learned About International Tax Disputes
bySol Picciotto

This Briefing summarises ICTD Working Paper 55, which examines the Mutual Agreement Procedure (MAP) for tax authorities to resolve their differences over the interpretation of tax treaties. It…

Improving the Performance of Natural Resource Taxation in Developing Countries
byMichael C. Durst

ICTD Working Paper 60 Summary: This paper explores the administrative challenges posed to developing countries as a result of the increasing emphasis in fiscal regimes for natural resource extraction…

Africa’s First Large-Scale Tax Experiment: Researching Compliance in Rwanda
byRhiannon McCluskey

This brief summarises the findings from five ICTD working papers produced from a research project conducted by the ICTD in partnership with the African Tax Administration Forum and in collaboration…

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Job Posting: International Tax Researcher

Job Posting: International Tax Researcher

07 December 2016

The ICTD has since 2013 supported a number of research projects and programs on international tax issues relevant to developing countries. The ICTD is now beginning a new phase of...

Innovative Research Helps Rwanda Raise $9m in Tax Revenue

Innovative Research Helps Rwanda Raise $9m in Tax Revenue

01 December 2016

In North America and Europe, substantial research has been conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of various communication strategies for improving the compliance of taxpayers. For the first time, a similar...

Call for Proposals: Gender and Tax in Africa

Call for Proposals: Gender and Tax in Africa

30 November 2016

With the support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the ICTD is launching a research programme on Gender and Tax in Africa. The objective is to generate robust new...

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Anzetse Were
01 November 2016
Commentary and Debate
Last week I participated in a panel discussion at the KRA Tax Summit on tax policy and economic development. Current fiscal policy is defined by a widening gap between expenditure and revenue generation putting a spotlight on the country’s tax regime...
Oluseun Onigbinde
29 September 2016
Commentary and Debate
A secure nation On a visit to Kigali, a lady extolled their army and why they have the respect of every citizen. Like every typical African, she could not reconcile how the world famous Nigerian military cannot take down Boko Haram. It is clear that ...
Liam Taylor
02 August 2016
Commentary and Debate
From Wall Street to the World Bank, people are looking at Kampala as a model for how cities can finance their futures. This piece first appeared on Next City.  Joseph Aliguma is perched on the bull bars of a minibus, listing his expenses. Every...

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