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Commentary and discussion about taxation and development from international experts.
The Tax Club, Obafemi Awolowo University, is a registered organisation with 120 members from diverse faculties. It's objectives are preparing students for the opportunities in the field of taxation and creating awareness of tax issues in Osun State. 
Alexandra Readhead is an independent advisor on international taxation and extractive industries whose work focuses on issues of tax avoidance, and other forms of illicit financial flows, by multinational extractive companies in Africa. She has authored and co-authored a range of policy reports and guidelines, including the first reference book for tax practitioners on transfer pricing in mining; and directly advised numerous African tax authorities, Parliamentary Committees, and regional assemblies, on strengthening legal frameworks against abusive transfer pricing in the mining sector.
Alex Cobham is a development economist and chief executive at the international Tax Justice Network, and a visiting fellow at King’s College London IDI. Over the last fifteen years Alex has held various policy and research posts, including as a research fellow at the Center for Global Development, as chief policy adviser at Christian Aid and head of research at Save the Children (UK), and at Oxford as a junior economics fellow at St Anne’s college and as a researcher at Queen Elizabeth House.
Bill Savedoff is a senior fellow at the Center for Global Development where he works on issues of aid effectiveness and health policy. His current research focuses on the use of performance payments in aid programs and problems posed by corruption.
Eustace Uzor is a masters’ student at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He was previously a Research Fellow at the Center for the Study of the Economies of Africa based in Abuja.