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How to fix Nigeria? Seven Key Issues

A secure nation On a visit to Kigali, a lady extolled their army and why they have the respect of every citizen. Like every typical African, she could not reconcile how the world famous Nigerian military cannot take down Boko Haram....
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How One African City Is Flipping the Script on Urban Development

From Wall Street to the World Bank, people are looking at Kampala as a model for how cities can finance their futures. This piece first appeared on Next City.  Joseph Aliguma is perched on the bull bars of a minibus, listing...
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Give and you shall receive? Taxation and fiscal contracts in Africa

Last week, the Institute of Development Studies hosted its 50th anniversary conference titled “States, Markets and Society".  As part of the conference, the ICTD hosted a panel on the theme of taxation and fiscal contracts in Africa. The panellists were ICTD’s...
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A home-grown remedy for Sri Lanka’s revenue crisis?

Sri Lankans sometimes like to claim perverse records for their country. You will likely have heard the proud assertion that ‘Sri Lanka has the highest suicide rate in the world’. Fortunately, that is not true. But here is a genuine...
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Why African governments should tax the rich

A great deal of attention has been paid to the obstacles African governments face in effectively taxing the profits of transnational corporations. African governments are frequently urged to widen their tax bases by reducing tax incentives for foreign investors. But...
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