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A home-grown remedy for Sri Lanka’s revenue crisis?

Sri Lankans sometimes like to claim perverse records for their country. You will likely have heard the proud assertion that ‘Sri Lanka has the highest suicide rate in the world’. Fortunately, that is not true. But here is a genuine...
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Why African governments should tax the rich

A great deal of attention has been paid to the obstacles African governments face in effectively taxing the profits of transnational corporations. African governments are frequently urged to widen their tax bases by reducing tax incentives for foreign investors. But...
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The ICTD government revenue dataset: still the best option for researchers

In 2010, the ICTD launched efforts to create the ICTD government revenue dataset (GRD), which is increasingly recognized as the best possible source of cross-country revenue data for researchers. An important motivation was concern about the quality and transparency of...
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Malawi Can’t Afford Evidence-Free Tax Campaigns

Over the past couple of weeks Malawi has become the latest poster child for UK campaigns arguing that changes to the international tax system can deliver outsize returns for development. Specifically, Action Aid is calling on the UK government to renegotiate...
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Five Questions About Property Taxation in Africa: Insights from the ICTD Roundtable

Henry Saka,  Commissioner Domestic Tax at the Uganda Revenue Authority speaks at the Roundtable. Photo by Rhiannon McCluskey   It is widely recognised that property taxation is the most viable, efficient, and progressive means of raising local government revenue, with...
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