The African Tax Administration Forum (ATAF) is a platform to promote and facilitate mutual co-operation among African Tax Administrations (and other relevant and interested stakeholders) with the aim of improving the efficacy of their tax legislation and administrations.

The African Tax Administration Forum (ATAF) was inspired by the deliberations at the “International Conference on Taxation, State Building and Capacity Development in Africa” held in Pretoria, South Africa from 28 - 29 August 2008. Commissioners, Senior Tax Administrators and Policy Makers from 28 African countries resolved to work towards the establishment of the ATAF.


To promote efficient, effective and economic tax administration to foster economic growth and improved service delivery for the improvement of living standards of people living in Africa.


To encourage and support new partnerships among all African countries in developing the capacity of African Tax Administrations in their ability to achieve their revenue objectives.

Objectives of the ATAF

With the aim of achieving the broadest possible geographic and linguistic representation on the African continent, the ATAF will work towards:

  • Promotion of economic development, good governance and accountability
  • Domestic resource mobilisation
  • Culture of professionalism and mutual support
  • Mutual cooperation and increase the level of voluntary tax compliance
  • Combating tax evasion and avoidance
  • Implementation of African tax strategies
  • Capacity development aimed at strengthening tax administrations

Establishment of the ATAF

  • Laying a strong basis for a new approach to African taxation, state building and capacity development;

  • Establish and develop bilateral and continental networks to regularly exchange ideas on the lessons learned and good practice on all issues of taxation;

  • Examine ways to improve systems and mechanisms in African tax administrations through the sharing of experiences and developing relevant best practices;

  • Engage in an ongoing dialogue with their counterparts from OECD countries, other multi-lateral organisations and other relevant organisations on sustainable partnerships in support and development of African tax administrations, systems and institutional capacity; and

  • Ensure greater synergy and cooperation in capacity development among all relevant stakeholders in order to reduce duplication and give greater support to African Tax Administrations.