CMI is an independent development research institute in Bergen, Norway. We generate and communicate research-based knowledge relevant for fighting poverty, advancing human rights, reducing conflict and promoting sustainable social development. CMI’s research focuses on local and global challenges and opportunities facing low- and middle-income countries and their citizens. Our geographic orientation is towards Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America.Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI), Bergen, Norway

Research for Development and Justice
CMI Strategy 2011-2015

CMI's core purpose is to work towards a world of mutual tolerance and respect, where global justice prevails and where poverty is the exception. We believe that research-based knowledge can help drive the changes to realize this vision.

CMI’s work features:

  • High standards of academic scholarship in a multidisciplinary environment.
  • Solid contextual knowledge developed in close cooperation with local partners.
  • Extensive research communication with scholars, policy makers, practitioners, and the public.

Our most valuable asset is our staff. We are committed to working together to learn more, benefit from one another’s strengths, and bring out the best in all of us. Our work is guided by our core values:

Core values

  • Quality – to maintain our credibility
  • Integrity – to reflect high ethical standards
  • Respect – to promote fertile cooperation both externally and internally
  • Engagement – to foster solidarity with the poor and vulnerable and help bridge the gap between knowledge and action.

Research: Quality and Relevenace

CMI aims to be internationally recognized for the quality and relevance of our work.

  • Address important questions for development and justice
  • Strengthen contextual knowledge
  • Engage with leading international researchers

Cooperation: A Valued Partner

CMI grows stronger through partnerships with other researchers and research institutions, locally and internationally.

  • Be an attractive partner for research institutions in the global South

  • Be a driver of development research in Bergen

Communication: Exchange of Knowledge

We are dedicated to communication and dialogue to bridge the gap between knowledge and action, and to ensure the quality and relevance of our work. We will target those who can change policy, practice, and public opinion.

  • Promote academic publishing
  • Engage in dialogue with policy makers, practitioners, and the public
  • Communicate in the Global South

Organisational Development: Bring out the best in each other

An efficient, professional, and financially robust organization that brings out the best in all staff is essential if we are to deliver on our objectives

  • Build strong teams
  • Create a vibrant learning environment
  • Recruit more broadly
  • Increase CMI’s financial robustness