lagos workshop

The ICTD hosted a workshop on the theme "International Tax Policy Reforms and National Development" on June 29-30 in Lagos in partnership with the Nigerian Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) and Olaniwun Ajayi LP.

The workshop commenced with opening addresses from Professor Konyinsola Ajayi, Managing Partner OALP and both Solomon Picciotto and Michael Durst from ICTD.

Following this, Mr. Edem Anah, Tax Partner at OALP gave a keynote address on cross border trade and harmonization of tax policies and regulations within the ECOWAS region. The address drew responses from Milly Nalukwago and Stella Nyapendi, both from the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA), on the practices in East Africa and lessons for the West African region. 

Over the two days of the conference, there were seven sessions: 

  1. Overview of the G20/OECD BEPS Proposals- Sol Picciotto of ICTD and Lee Corrick of the OECD
  2. Country-by-Country Reporting and Transfer Pricing Documentation- Taiwo Oyedele of PWC (represented by Seun Adu of PWC) and Lee Corrick of the OECD
  3. Tax Treaty Policy and Implications of the BEPS Multilateral Instrument- Catherine Mutava of ICTD
  4. Preventing Abuse of Tax Treaties- Sol Picciotto of ICTD and Peter Olayemi of FIRS
  5. Highlights of Tax Policy Review and Reforms in Nigeria: Increasing the Tax to GDP Ratio - Professor Abiola Sanni
  6. Transfer Pricing, Safe Harbours and other Simplified Methods- M.O. Gbonjubola of FIRS and Michael Durst of ICTD
  7. Limitations on Interest Deductions- Michael Durst of ICTD.

Each session was followed by a panel discussion of 3-5 panelists, and subsequent open discussions, which were very lively.

The workshop was attended by 97 participants in total, representing FIRS, law and accounting firms, academia, and civil society organisations. Chief Mark Anthony Dike described the meeting as "highly intellectually stimulating and enlightening", while Jason Braganza of the Tax Justice Network-Africa said it was "very encouraging from a civil society perspective." 

lagos workshop